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    "very playful, and easy to get to grips" - APPS PLAYGROUND
    "Gocco Zoo is incredibly cute" - GEEKS WITH JUNIORS

    Welcome to Gocco Zoo! Gocco Zoo is a magical zoo that lets you play with animals in a very unique way. You can take care of the animals, paint on them with our various tools and even invent your own new species! Take care of them and the animals will change into something brimming with character and humor!

    To get started, tap an animal you want to play with and feed them. They will show you what “creativity” is all about. Once you get the feel for it, tap the colorful tree on the right which will take you to the drawing area. Be creative with the brush, patterns and stamps that come in various colors. Made a mistake? Just feed them milk!

    After finishing your animal, move onto the photo shoot area by tapping the rock on the left. You can switch and choose the color of the background rock by tapping the spotlight. The animals might show you a trick or two if you take real good care of them. Save the moment with our camera and show them off to your friends!

    Feed your animals - Your animal will change into…!
    Paint them - Use paint brush, patterns and stamps
    Save the moment - Your animal might do something special for you
    Show them off - Share your animals with your friends
    Endless play that stimulates the imagination
    No in-app purchases
    No third-party advertising
    Ideal for Ages 2 to 5

    About GOCCO
    "Gocco" means make-believe in Japanese and in Gocco apps, kids enjoy role-playing which enhances a child’s ability to learn and think for themselves. Our goal is to help kids discover what they are really interested in and stimulate their creativity. The aim is that kids will develop and maximize their creative potential.

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