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    Of course it has updates that will be useful during your trip.
    But it also is a source of constantly updated, highly original media such as shopping tips, informational videos, columns and articles of the type listed below.

    Point 1
    You can check the app for shopping tips covering trendy products in Japan, discounted services, items recommended by celebrities and more.

    Point 2
    First-time visitors to Japan can rest easy. We will tell you all about how to use public transportation, the proper manners and how to find Wi-Fi in our easy-to-understand videos. Information on tourist destinations is also updated as necessary.
    Information that may be difficult to understand in text is clear when presented in a video.

    Point 3
    Through fresh articles and columns, we'll let you know about the parts of Japan's traditional culture you can enjoy in your own country.
    If you read the updated articles on a daily basis, you'll be a Japan expert before you know it.

    Point 4
    Content saved to your bookmarks is viewable offline.
    This is a feature only available with the app and not with the website.
    If you bookmark the daily articles you like while in your own country, you can turn the app into a guidebook more useful than any magazine during your trip to Japan.

    Aiming to boost the number of users, we have added a function of “Currency converter”, which is convenient for tourists while traveling Japan. This is our original function that is designed to be convenient during a holiday in Japan.

    With functions including calculation of the latest exchange rate, display of duty-free prices at the touch of a button and the ability to input special discounts, it is extremely easy to use.

    When you install this app, not only will you get the latest reliable information on Japan, you also will be able to convert currencies!
    We hope you try GOOD LUCK TRIP JAPAN app.

    Free travel magazine browsing function
    Japan’s leading travel guidebook series & magazine, Chikyu-no-Arukikata (Globe-Trotter Travel Guide Book), has a highly informative guide specifically for those travelling around Japan. We are proud to announce that this once hard to find guide can now be accessed for free via our app. Learn about exciting must-see spots around Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Okinawa, as well as lesser-known areas such as Nagano and Shiga. You can even bookmark pages to be read offline!

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