GPS Check




    Check the health of your GPS system. Monitor the number of satellites currently visible, the elevation and azimuth of each satellite, the strength of each satellite signal, whether or not an almanac and ephemeris has been saved for each satellite (some devices do not report this information), and which satellites were used to calculate the latest position. After a satellite position has been obtained, you can monitor the latitude, longitude, accuracy, altitude, bearing, and time to first fix.
    - Enable satellite tracking in Settings before starting
    - Bearing requires movement
    - Elevation is the angle, in degrees, of the satellite above the horizon
    - Azimuth is the clockwise angle from north, in degrees, of the satellite
    - The almanac contains approximate information about the orbits of all satellites
    - The ephemeris contains detailed information about the orbit and clock of one satellite
    - Requires a device with a navigation satellite sensor
    - Get a clear view of the sky

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