GPS Data Post

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    This Application is used to POST location HTTP datas on any url (configurable in settings), at every timer tick (configurable), you can add a custom parameter too (exemple an identifier) !
    It's a very light application, no useless features !
    Just one button to enable/disable and a settings page with 3 parameters : URL (ex :, custom variable, and interval between http post.

    Information : English only, it you really really need a translation contact me.

    Don't ask to log locally, there is other application to do it on the market !

    Warning : Enable the GPS ! Or it will not post anything !
    Warning : It dont post anything when the GPS is not fixed, you may have to wait few seconds/ minutes before receiving datas.
    Warning : Be carefull GPS drain battery ! Disable the service when you don't use it. A notification is permanently visible if the service is running.
    Warning : You need a web server and a very simple script to process the datas.

    custom : It\'s the same value as in the settings.
    lon : The longiture can be casted to double, in degree.
    lat : The latitude can be casted to double, in degree.
    alt : The altitude in metters can be casted to double, in degree.
    acc : The fix accuracy in metters, can be casted to float.
    bearing : The bearing in available (otherwise : 0) can be casted to float, in degree.
    speed : The speed over ground in m/s (0 if not available).
    timer : The time, can be casted to double, it\'s a Unix timestamp.