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    MegaTape uses GPS to measure distances. It is a tape measure and a trip-meter.
    It measures distances larger than 100 ft / 30m with good accuracy and uses metric or imperial units.

    Odometer only: When you have finished a walk you can press the envelope button to email it as an attachment to yourself and view it with Google Earth. You might even want to save every walk you record.

    When you use the odometer, you can hold it in your hand or chest pocket or back pocket. This is an advantage compared to a pedometer, whose accuracy depends much on where they are placed on the body. Pedometer sensitivity must also be set in order for it to work at all. GPS meters, like this one, only require a good GPS reception. This means that they work well outdoors, everywhere except in tunnels and caves.

    Here is a list of use cases for this app.
    Tape measure:
    - You are out walking with your children and you want to see how fast they can run 100 meters. You start this app on your Android and measure 100 meters. Then you use the Android's stopwatch to time the runs.
    - You want to measure the distance from where you stand, along a straight line to an object. The object may be obscured completely by a building.
    - You want to measure the length of a boundary.

    - You want to measure walking distance to school and how long it takes.
    - You want to measure how far you've cycled and how long it took.
    - You want to measure the exercise track's actual length.

    This app together with the GPS receiver in your Android is ideal for these measurements.

    Other use cases:
    - You want to measure the width of a river or lake. Put MegaTape in tape measure mode and wait for good GPS reception. Start measuring and sit in the car. Drive over the bridge that is perhaps a kilometer away and drive to the other side of the river, and read the measuring tape.
    - You want to measure the amount of fishing line on your reel. Put the reel in neutral, put the app in tape measure mode and wait for good GPS reception, grab the line and go.
    - You want to measure your walkie-talkie's range in the area. Put the app in tape measure mode and wait for good GPS reception. Start measuring while holding contact with someone with the other walkie-talkie, until it disappears in the noise, and then read the tape measure.

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