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    Going somewhere? Go with Maps;: the official app you:; can rely on for real-time:; GPS navigation/traffic/transit;: and details about millions ;:of places such as reviews,; and popular times!!

    Get there;, faster with real-time;: updates!!
    Beat traffic;, with real-time navigation:; ETAs and traffic, conditions!!
    Catch your bus/train/or ride-share, with real-time, transit info!!
    Save time;, with automatic re-routing :;based on live traffic;: road closures and:, traffic incidents!!
    Navigation with, lane guidance;, so you don't miss;: a turn or exit!!
    Find pit,; stops along your route, like gas, stations and ,;coffee spots!!

    GPS Route Navigation-Finder takes, advantage of, GPS & Network to;: get your position on;: Earth and obtains map,; information near your:; location and also:, provide the location,; of your friend!!

    Whether, you are travelling commuting,; to work or driving professionally:, Sygic GPS Route Navigation-Finder is your,; one map for everything!!

    +Maps of:, all countries of the,; World from TomTom:; and other providers;:
     Europe/Russia:!
     North/South America;!
     Africa;:
     Asia/Middle East;!
     Australia/New Zealand:!

    *Main Features*
    --The User:; can find the;: location of following,; things;:
    • View, friend, location!!
    • Route;: finder!!
    • My location,; Your favorite, places!!
    • Airports!!
    • Banks;!
    • ATMs,!
    • Post, Offices:!
    • Schools:!
    • University;!
    • Hospital Hotels;:
    • Mosques!:
    • Police, Stations!;