GPS Tripometer

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    This app uses the GPS chip to keep track of multiple saved locations and can point back to any saved location. It can also keep track of how much distance you've traveled while your device is locked and is in your pocket, perfect for joggers or wandering out in the woods! And if you want, you can email your friends your current location, and they can see your location on Google maps to see how far you've traveled.

    The compass display only uses the device's Orientation sensor (or magnetometer/accelerometer) when the main app is being displayed. The GPS is used in a background service that continues to run while the notification is posted; this is how travel distance can be measured and a "breadcrumb-trail" can be created while the phone is on standby.

    Two main features are "Navigate to" which gives a bearing directly to a saved location, and "Follow path" which follows a trail to either its starting point or to the last location saved in the trail. The "Follow path" feature has been designed on the assumption that a trail could be winding and twisting, and could have up to several thousand points associated with the trail.

    The Export/Import options allow you to make back-ups of your locations/trails to your sdcard and also a png image of what your trail looks like.

    A help toggle is available at the bottom of the screen to give descriptions on any of the tapable items.