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    GPSme friend locator is a simple find my friends app that helps people stay in touch and in case of an emergency situation users can send help alert. GPSme is not a spying or secret surveillance solution.

    See exactly where your friends and family members are, and show them your own location
    Navigate to them easily when you are meeting up in crowded areas
    Search for a lost or stolen phone
    Help your friends find you when you are waiting for a pick up
    Track your friends' travels anywhere in the world
    Set up Dangerous zones to receive alerts when your relatives enter them
    In Premium version, enable Blackbox feature - recording of geodata when Internet is off
    Access all information from your Android phone or online at
    View location history for 2 weeks
    Receive automated alerts when your loved ones arrive somewhere (home, school, or any places you set)
    In case of emergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert
    In areas without a GPS signal, see approximate location based on the nearest cell phone tower. This can help when the phone is in the subway or underground parking
    Add unlimited number of friends and family to your account
    Be informed when their phone battery is low or the app is disconnected
    Built-in diagnostics warn you when the app has geolocation or connectivity issues
    In short, you get a convenient and precise GPS monitoring tool! It is find my friends and GPS phone locator in one app.

    To get started and set up the app for maximum accuracy:

    1) In your phone settings, enable Geolocation in High Accuracy mode. This will allow the app to receive coordinates from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks and cell towers.

    2) Open the GPSme friend locator and wait for the map to load and display your location in the center. Your status should show "Now" or "1-2 min ago". If not, check your internet connection. You can use Wi-Fi indoors, but mobile data is necessary when Wi-Fi is not available.

    3) Check the accuracy of your location. With good GPS reception or a Wi-Fi network nearby, the accuracy is 10-40 meters (30-130 feet). If you see "No GPS" next to your avatar, reception is too poor to use GPS or Wi-Fi, and the app is using the location of your cell tower. Try to move to an open area with a better signal. Otherwise, you will see LBS coordinates of GSM towers with an accuracy of 300-5000 feet.

    4) Invite your family members or friends by clicking "Invite new user" in the upper-right corner. After they receive your invitation, install GPSme and enter the invitation code, their locations will be shown on your map. Simply double-click someone's avatar and wait a few seconds to get their real-time location.

    5) The app should be allowed to work in the background and in sleeping mode, and to autostart after phone reboot.

    6) Create Places (geo fences), such as Fitness, School, or Home. When your kids, parents or close friends enter or leave one of these areas, an alert is sent to your phone.

    GPSme friend locator is optimized for intelligent battery consumption, and it uses 3-5% of the battery during the day. The tracker sends you alerts for connected phones with a battery level below 15%.

    The app can not be installed remotely or secretly. To join this service user has to install the app himself and enter the invitation code from the inviting user.
    Users have the option to stop sharing location for some time or log out from an account or completely delete the app.
    The app is visible in programs. Users can share location only inside one account.

    If you need assistance with configuring the app, please contact our tech support directly from the Help section in the app.

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