Granny horror map for minecraft




    The most popular horror map for minecraft

    Granny horror map for minecraft is a complex horror maps for minecraft pe, where your hero became a prisoner in a big house. He must solve all the puzzles on granny mcpe map to get out of the house!

    Granny horror game map for mcpe is terrible maps for mcpe. The purpose of granny map for minecraft is to survive. On the granny horror map there is a house where there are a lot of rooms. You will need to get out in this house in five days, solving different puzzles on horror map. Every time you will be attacked by a terrible granny for minecraft who can kill you. Find the life story of granny and finish exit will open to you.

    Explore the rooms, find items to solve the puzzles, hide from granny on the map for mcpe and try to get out of the confinement before it's too late!

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