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    The GRE english flash cards application is a great English vocabulary learning tool for GRE exam aspirants.
    Through this GRE Flash Cards application, master more than 1200 most important and high frequency english words with the highest-rated free flashcards for your Android phone. You can improve your vocab knowledge with this application. Guess what ! The app is absolutely free.

    • More than 1200 high frequency English vocabulary words.
    • Every word has meaning, pronunciation, with the word.
    • Meaning and usage example sentences for every word.
    • Synonyms and Antonyms for each word.
    • You can buy an add free version of the application, for uninterrupted learning.

    How it works:

    • All the words are sequenced in alphabetical order for easy learning.
    • Click on "All Cards" to start learning and mastering GRE High Frequency words list.
    • Swipe "Right" to go to the next card.
    • Swipe "Left" to go to the previous card.
    • Click on any where on the screen to learn a word's meaning, usage example, synonyms, and Antonyms.
    • To jump to a specific alphabet press on the left menu icon and hit your favorite alphabet and master it.

    In addition to GRE exam preparation this application is a great learning tool for all other competitive exams like GMAT, CAT, SAT, etc.,

    We are seriously working to enhance this application and make it more useful to the student community. Please leave your valuable feedback and let us know more about your experience with this app. Give us your feedback on this app to;

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