Growth Diary




    The Smart phone application allows the parents to check their children’s growth periodically by making a note with pictures.

    All those parents who love their children would like to record the courses of the children’s healthy growth and may keep diaries and pictures to be reminiscent of good old days.

    However, if you can barely make ends meet, you may not be allowed to leave proper records and pictures in timely manner. It reminds me of one YouTube video clip wherein a series of movie clips that a father edited for his child with pictures taken every day from birth to the age of 20 were seen, which was so touching.

    This application is basically a form of diary in which pictures and notes can be recorded, but characterize itself by providing functional options to reorganize itself based on a specific theme and to add additional stories whenever you want.

    In addition, once you register the children’s birthday and other special dates to remember, it helps you to recall those special days by making an alarm. It further helps you to have an overview of your children’s growth by providing a mark over the days passed from the children’s birthday.

    The application is not limited to be used for the record of children’s growth, but also can be used to record the timeline and event of relationship between lovers as well as for other cases that need to be checked periodically.

    Please download this application and use for the effective management of your valuable memories.

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