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    Protect your phone or valuables with a loud alarm against burglary and nosy persons. With Guard My Device - the mobile alarm system - it is easy to realize.

    Guard My Device makes your smartphone or tablet a mobile burglar system and is able to protect your stuff with a loud alert against theft.

    The app can also be used to play your friends or family a prank. You can even expose curious people who want to secretly take a look on your android device.

    Once your phone or tablet is moved, a loud alarm siren gets triggered and you can catch them in the act. This way no one can take a look on your mobile phone without your permission. Bust all nosy stalkers who try to take a look on your device.
    Guard My Device can also be used by campers in their tents to give additional protection from intruders.

    Motion Sensor :
    The app provides motion detection by using the motion sensor of your smartphone or tablet and sounding an loud alarm if someone picks up your device.

    Proximity Sensor:
    Using the proximity sensor, your valuables can be protected by an alarm. GMD is able to detect things that lie on your device and get removed from it. As soon as someone removes your self chosen item from the proximity sensor, an acoustical alarm will be triggered.

    Pull the recharger cable:
    Protect your smartphone or tablet from unplugging the recharger cable. Once the power supply is cut off, you will hear a loud alarm. No one can disconnect your mobile phone from the charger.

    Possibility of inserting a PIN-Lock:
    The surveilance mode and the alarm siren may be additionally secured againist unauthorized use by set up a lock code. To deactivate the surveilance or an alarm you need to insert that lock code. You can set up an alarm delay to cancel the alarm before it sounds out loud.

    NEW: Text-To-Speech Alarm
    Write your own custom text and let your device speak that text out loud. For example, "Hands off! That's my phone!"

    Features of the GMD mobile alarm system:
    • Alarm when an object is removed from the proximity sensor
    • Alarm when the device is picked up
    • Alarm when the recharging cable gets pulled
    • PIN entry to disable the monitoring or the alarm (optional)
    • Adjustable alarm duration, volume, delay
    • Countdown for starting the monitoring Mode
    • Text-To-Speech Alarm

    If you know new features you'd like to see in the app or have some issues, write an e-mail to the developer.

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