Guess Map




    “Know your surrounding locations” is the motto of this application. Here is what happens.

    1. When you open the application you'll be given a random address within 5 miles radius of your current location.

    2. You'll have to guess the address location by tapping on the displayed map. A pin will be dropped when you tap on the map representing your guessed location.

    3. When you are sure about your guessed location for the given address, press the confirm button.

    4. The application will validate the distance between the exact location of the given address and your guessed location, and then gives you feedback by distance, directions, etc.

    5. If you want to run this exercise again with different address, just tap on the Retry button which takes you to step 1.

    6. You'll have the option to increase the address search radius miles to 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 and Crazy!

    7. You'll have the option to display some help in the application.

    8. Last but not least, provide feedback, and if you like, do share with your friends!

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