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    Keyword Research for YouTube

    Before you can start ranking your videos, you need to figure out which search terms you want to rank for.

    When searching for YouTube SEO keywords, make sure that you choose a search term that already has YouTube video results on the first page of Google.

    Creating Your first YouTube Video

    Once you find the right keywords to rank for, the next step is actually creating your video.

    Because YouTube users come to this platform with the purpose of watching videos, production quality becomes a lot more important. You’ll need a few key elements when it comes to producing great YouTube videos:


    YouTube Storytelling

    Good storytelling is what’s missing from many online videos. Some businesses believe that their services or products are too “boring” for them to be able to tell interesting stories about them on video, but with a little creativity, you’ll always be able to create interesting content for a dry product or business.

    Understand YouTube Analytics

    YouTube uses a few specific criteria to measure the quality of your video. This is the same criteria that’s used to rank your video. The main ones are:

    Video retention: How much of your video do people watch before they bounce? The longer they watch, the better it is.

    Comments: If your video generates lots of comments, then chances are the video is striking a chord with people.

    Subscription rate: One of the best signals that shows that you have a high-quality video is if people subscribe to your YouTube channel after watching.

    Adding to “watch later”: The number of people who add your video to their “watch later” list is also a good sign of how much interest it generates.

    Optimize Your Video for YouTube SEO

    There are a few things to keep in mind when optimizing your YouTube video for the best possible SEO ranking.


    Whenever you upload an image on your site, it’s usually good practice to include your focus keyword in the image tag. Similarly, when you upload your video on YouTube, you should use your keyword in the filename of the video.


    Including the right tags can also help your video rise in the rankings, although tags for YouTube videos tend to be less important than other factors like the description.

    When it comes to your tags, you should include a few keywords on what your video is about. These tags can help your video get discovered in YouTube’s side bar in the “related videos” section.

    Encourage People to Share and Subscribe

    Link building is still important when it comes to improving your Google rankings. Encouraging your YouTube video viewers to share your video with their friends shows Google that you’re producing something that people like.

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