Real Guitar for Free, the best guitar simulator and musical instrument, offers huge guitar chords database with guitar tabs, solo mode as well as chord mode for guitarists to select, and guitar recorder to easily save your masterpiece of guitar music and replay it. You can sing a song and strum a tune on Guitar anytime and anywhere.

    It is very convenient for beginner to practice and learn guitar tabs, guitar chords and guitar notes after taking guitar lesson. You can learn how to play and rock guitar instead of buying a real guitar.

    ===Key Functions===
    Solo Mode
    Chord Mode
    A huge guitar chords database with tabs
    Realistic guitar sounds
    Sample record
    Studio audio quality
    Export your records to midi file
    Works with all screen resolution
    Realistic graphics
    Instructions for learning guitar chords
    Skin options

    Download Guitar for free, the best Guitar app for beginner and advanced guitar player.

    Practice Guitar for free, take Guitar into pocket and practice guitar tabs anywhere without taking real guitar.

    Learn Guitar for free, strum strings with guitar notes shown on screen, and select up to 10 guitar chords from huge chords database with guitar tabs.

    Tips for playing guitar

    Swipe fingers across strings to strum a guitar tune
    Tap single string to make clear melody
    -Chord board
    Select up to 10 guitar chords, and paly the strings

    To practice chord, select guitar chords from chord library. Tap the guitar tabs of chord, you can listen to the tune and learn it!
    To play popular rock ’n’ roll song, just tap on strings while changing chords. You can be a rock star to rock the party!

    Key Features

    -Easy to Use
    Freely switch guitar mode between solo and chord
    Edit chords from huge guitar chord library to play complex melody
    Tap and hold strumming pattern to strum tunes

    -Your Best Choice
    For beginner to learn how to play guitar with chord tabs
    For advanced players to show gifts of guitar, play music and record it

    -Free and Lite
    Get acoustic guitar for free and record melody
    Take real guitar into pocket, enjoy musical auditory anytime!

    Guitar, the best guitar, equals to real guitar, has realistic sounds of acoustic guitar without overdrive, offers two modes (Solo / Chord) for selecting. You can play music with solo mode to creative melody, strum popular song and complex melody with the help of chord library and strumming pattern, and you can also record your masterpiece, export to midi file and share with friends!

    Guitar is also the best choice and musical instrument for those who want to learn how to play the guitar, and also for those who are interested in hearing how guitar chords sound different. Just strum, plunk and strike strings to play music and chords. And record your tunes and songs that made up by yourself.

    Download the professional Guitar that made for guitarists, professional musicians, amateurs or beginners, you deserve it!

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