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    This gun simulator is the most realistic simulation shots of weapons. This weapon simulator is a great shot collecting sounds of different types of weapons. This application contains nearly a hundred different types of weapons, such as machine guns, machine guns, grenades, pistols, revolvers, as well as sniper rifles and shotguns. This collection of sounds of cannon shots will suit everyone who is interested in different types of weapons. Each weapon has a brief description and an unlimited number of ammunition. So if you want to play war with your friends or just to scare someone, then this gun collection sounds for you!

    gun sounds is a simulator of real sounds of gunfire. Here you will find the panel with rifles, to fire the gun juice choose and press the firing button. Each weapon has different sounds, it is simulation shots the most realistic weapons. Gun simulator have large shots collecting sounds from different types of guns pistols, AK-47, rifle, a rifle on the gun Taser (electric). All CS: GO fans like this app to play with it in real life joke to a friend or just have fun in the field. Game contains 8 different types of weapons, such as machine guns, machine guns, grenades, pistols, revolvers, as well as sniper rifles and shotguns. These sounds taken are made with promos, we have recorded high-quality pistol sounds from the best snipers, and experts from the military. You will find different sounds of the same weapon, including nearby, far, single shot, etc.
    Games, hunters love our boar gun sound, buttons with shots, sound shooting. Our game includes different types of firearms, here can be found weapons such as Barrett 50 Cal, Min Uzi, P90, Vector, M4A1, Famas, shotgun, rifles, automates with sounds of their HD quality.

    Some of the great sounds:

    44 magnum
    45 automatic
    357 magnum
    357 magnum 2
    AA 62mm giat - machine gun
    AK 47 - 1 shoot
    AK 47 - 1 shoot 2
    AK 47 - few shoots
    AK 47 - Blast
    AK 47 - Blast 2
    AK 47 - Blast 3
    AK 47 - Blast 4
    AK 47 - Blast 5
    AK 47 - Blast 6
    AK 47 - Blast 7
    Bullet pass by 1
    Bullet pass by 2
    Bullet pass by 3
    Nullet hit flesh
    Screaming bullet for fearing birds
    Berretta M12 9mm (1shoot)
    Berretta M12 9mm (2shoots)

    Berretta M12 9mm (Blast)
    Browning 4570
    Browning M2 -1shoot
    Browning M2 -2shoots
    Browning M2 -Blast
    Browning - M3M - 50mm
    Browning - M3M - 50mm 2
    Browning - M3M - 50mm 3
    Browning - M3M - 50mm 4
    Browning - M3M - 50mm 5
    Ammunition noises
    Cartridges 2
    Cartridge 3
    Cartridges 4
    Carl Gustafs M45 9mm
    Carl Gustafs M45 9mm 2
    Carl Gustafs M45 9mm 3
    Carl Gustafs M45 9mm 4
    Load berretta
    Gun shoot - 3 shoots
    Gun shoot - 5 shoots
    Gun shoot - echo
    Gun shoot - echo 2
    Gun shoot exchange 01
    Gun shoot exchange 02
    Machine gun shoot exchange
    Gun shoot in mountain
    Burst 01
    Burst 02
    Burst 03
    Burst 04
    Burst -bullets - things broken
    Shootgun 2
    Shootgun 3
    Shootgun 4
    Shootgun 5
    Shootgun 6
    Shootgun 7
    Shootgun 8
    Shootgun 9
    Shootgun 10
    Hunt gun
    Hunt gun 2
    Hunt gun - several
    Load hunt gun
    Trigger 01
    Trigger 02
    Trigger 03
    Trigger 04
    Glock 10mm
    Hk 53-1 shoot
    Hk 53-Blast
    Jericho 9mm automatic
    Jericho 9mm automatic 2
    M2 - 1 shoot
    M2 - 3 shoots
    M2 - Blast
    M2 - Blast 2
    M2 - Blasts
    Mas famas f1 (1 shoot)
    Mas famas f1 (Blast)
    Machine gun 01
    Machine gun 02
    MG 34
    MG 34 - 2
    MG 34 - 3
    MG 34 - 4
    MG 34 - charger
    MG 42 - 2nd German WW2
    MG 42 - 2nd German WW2 2
    MG 42 - 2nd German WW2 3
    MG 42 - 2nd German WW2 4
    MG 42 - 2nd German WW2 5
    MG 42 - 2nd German WW2 6
    MP5-1 shoot
    MP5- Blast
    MP5-Blast 2
    Old pistol
    Reload colt
    Reload colt 2
    Revolver .38
    Silencer 01
    Silencer 02
    Silencer 03
    Silencer 04
    Silencer -Blast
    Smith & Wesson
    Smith & Wesson-38mm
    Smith & Wesson-357magnum
    Blow in gun

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