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    Bodybuilding and strength are intimately linked. If you are trying to build more muscle and strength you should be tracking your weight and reps for every set to maximize your gains.

    GYMer is an application for recording and tracking your weight lifting workout that will allow you to take your bodybuilding or powerlifting to the next level. Whether you are banging through a crossfit WOD, going for a new one rep max on the bench press or swinging kettlebells to optimize your functional strength and stay trim, GYMer will fit your needs. GYMer is designed specifically for ease of use while you lift weights. The app is not cluttered with exercise instructions, pictures or animations. It is simply for tracking your weight, reps and one rep max to help you in your quest for greater strength.

    For those who are interested in bodybuilding but don’t need a personal trainer and don’t want one in their pocket, GYMer is a digital workout log book. It is made by lifters for lifters.

    - Choose a sample weight lifting routine and start working out with one click
    - Easily create your own bodybuilding or powerlifting routine and start logging your progress in seconds
    - Log your entire strength training workout or crossfit routine without typing a single character
    - Enjoy weight lifting specific predictive text when naming exercises and creating strength training routines
    - Quickly navigate within a simple, intuitive interface that mimics the notebook common to a typical weightlifting log
    - Keep track of your one rep max for each exercise over time.

    This weight lifting application allows you to record and monitor over time:
    - Weight
    - Reps
    - One Rep Max

    The app also includes:
    - Over 400 exercises including kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell and bodyweight exercises that are friendly with crossfit, powerlifting and bodybuilding
    - Pre-installed weight lifting routines so you can start strength training and get on the path to fitness instantly
    - Rest Interval Timer with Audible (optional) and Vibration Feedback, so you do not have to watch the clock during your workout
    - Built-in Workout Timer, so you can train efficiently and keep your weight lifting routine on track
    - A large database of strength training exercises for use with machines, free weights, bodyweight and kettlebells that will expand with every new exercise you throw at it.
    - A built in one rep max calculator

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