Hack into my computer and run the software on my hard drive.
    Only four passwords and two security questions are needed, dead easy!
    All of the clues are within the app.
    If you enjoy Hacker, even if you don't reach your goal, have a go at Hacker2
    you might have better luck, it's only 50p, peanuts!

    I have other apps on Google Play -------

    Cowboy Capers Shootout - Shoot everything in sight!

    "Sorry About That" a text only adventure game.

    Bomber - Bomb the buildings with your helicopter.

    GeoffVaders - a clone of Space Invaders with twists.

    Horse Racing - place your bet and hopefully win some cash.

    Ukulele Tuner - tune your ukulele in the key of "c"

    Snoopy Tennis - Jump up & down the tree and hopefully hit your ball.

    The Big Top - The water tank jump, The human cannon ball, The roller coaster, The tight rope walk and more are all waiting for your clever clown.

    Spinny - Help him find his mate.

    Alphabet - Type the alphabet as quickly as possible.

    Emily's Spaceman Doodle Game - Catch the stars with your spaceman.

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