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    HandicapperPlus is one of the easiest to use, lowest cost, and most accurate handicapping programs you'll ever use. HandicapperPlus works on Android devices to automate the tedious manual calculations that horse players previously undertook by hand, and combines the ability to manually input data or share and import data from friends or other sources with the built-in sharing functions.

    With the purchase of our one-time $9.99 upgrade, HandicapperPlus Mobile Edition will import directly from Brisnet Single data past performance and JCapper files. Daily Racing Form Formulator files can also be used by importing them into HandicapperPlus Desktop Edition then exporting races to the mobile file format. Note that the upgrade is not required to take full advantage of the mobile edition - in fact, if you prefer to manually enter data, simply use your Daily Racing Form or Brisnet Past Performances and enter six data points for each horse to handicap the races.

    HandicapperPlus is user friendly and includes links to our dedicated online help pages. There is no complex, hard to understand, time consuming learning curve. Using your Daily Racing Form, Brisnet Past Performances, or JCapper file, simply import, share, or manually enter six data points for each horse, select any number of the built in algorithms you want to sort the horse by, add (or not) your own stored handicapping method, and push a button to display the picks. With the upgrade, you can import DRF Formulator, Brisnet Single Data Past Performances, and JCapper files directly, thus completely eliminating the need to type in any data at all.

    HandicapperPlus will literally handicap the horses in as few as one or as many as nine different methods simultaneously, and present the results in a format similar to any pick sheet you might purchase at the track.

    HandicapperPlus includes eight separate mathematical models to pick the horses, but you're not limited to the included algorithms if you purchase the one-time $9.99 in-app "custom algorithm" upgrade to the program! By setting just six numerical weights through our simple interface, you'll be handicapping using your own method in under five minutes. Your custom handicapping algorithm is stored for your later use.

    HandicapperPlus uses Past Performance data from the Daily Racing Form, Formulator, Brisnet Past Performances, or JCapper files. HandicapperPlus allows you to apply your own handicapping rules or use either or both of two included special algorithms. If you decide to create your own algorithm, you only need enter it once to pick by your method every time in the future - and you can tweak and update your algorithm at any time.

    The included algorithms include an algorithm similar to a basic Ainsley handicapping method, and the proprietary blend that we at Handicapper use. In addition, HandicapperPlus can sort your race card by as many as six other different ways simultaneously.

    Scores can be formatted to display averages, sums, or weighted so that the best horse always scores 100, and other horses sorted proportionally.

    The time it usually takes to manually handicap races is literally reduced from hours to minutes. With the import utilities available online or by purchasing the one time upgrade, entering data for an entire race card can literally take just seconds. If you want to see summaries of your data, for example, if you'd like to see the sum of the last two Beyers, or the average of the last three speed and track variants, or any random combination, you need do nothing more than push the button that sorts the horses accordingly.

    HandicapperPlus is free, but a one-time $9.99 in-app upgrade is available if you want to be able to import data files directly (sharing data files with friends is included in the free version). Also included with the upgrade is the ability to use your own handicapping method (in addition to any or all of the other handicapping algorithms included in the free version).

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