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    This is an awesome Thanksgiving wallpaper program, beautiful Thanksgiving Day picture will accompany you to spend a wonderful holiday!

    Thanksgiving wallpaper features:

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    - Use a very simple one-click preview background image.
    - Set as Wallpaper, the horizontal direction is fully supported.
    • Awesome Wallpaper with 90 percent of mobile device compatible.
    • optimize battery use, supports sleep mode.

    Meaning that the celebration of Thanksgiving to thank people who helped us. On this day, the various sects of the church are open, thanked God for the generous gift. Thanksgiving is a family holiday, throughout the country, husbands and wives, children and the elderly, from city to town, from town to village, from village to village, went back home to spend the holiday. People who can not go home for long distance calls and talk about her family, to share Thanksgiving thing. Thanksgiving dinner, the whole country in fact are the same. The table is always filled with all kinds of delicious food. Natural mostly turkey. Eating pumpkin pie is to let everyone remember the Indians had given such a gift the first settlers. In most families, we will do some traditional game after dinner. Thanksgiving is a happy celebration, a family reunion, a reclassification friendship moments. On that day, is the bachelor always been invited to someone's home, with everyone together to share the joy of thanksgiving, and thank God for grace. This is also the significance of Thanksgiving.

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