Health Status Saver




    Health Status Saver provides a comprehensive platform to easily collect and proactively monitor your health.

    "You cannot Manage what you cannot Measure" was the adage of noted quality expert W.E. Deming. This has been used for the last 30 years to improve product quality and reliability.

    Well the same hold true as we manage our health. The problem is that humans are so much more complex then cars or computers, but we typically ignore our health until it is out of control and we expect our physicians to magically fix us. Our health requires more than periodically measuring our weight or monitoring our blood pressure.

    Health Status Saver allows users define a personalized schedule to collect a broad set of over 30 health parameters that are proactively analyzed and reported in a comprehensive status display where GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE and RED indicators identify Health Status when ever a user access the application.

    The data collected is automatically uploaded to the community site where you can securely post comments, chart results and build support groups. Find out what is working for others and build accountability into your health management program. Never again do you need to post private health information on an insecure discussion forum. In addition, send posts from your mobile device to the community site.

    Build a schedule to collect any of the following health parameter either daily, weekly, monthly or yearly:
    > Anxiety Level and assessment
    > Blood Pressure
    > Blood Glucose
    > Calories consumed and burned
    > Cholesterol
    > Disposition Level and Assessment
    > Exercise
    > Food Log
    > Lung Function
    > Pain
    > Peak Flow
    > Pulse
    > Size
    > Sleep
    > Stress Level and Assessment
    > Steps
    > Temperature
    > Weight

    You will receive mobile notifications when it is time to collect health data and your are taken directly to the data entry display. Depending on the health measurement device you are using, you can expect data to be automatically entered in a future release.

    Health Status Saver automatically analyzes the data that you have entered against health industry standards and rules to identify areas of concern. In addition Saver Health is working with industry advocates to build custom rules for various health conditions.