Heat and Mass Transfer




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    Some of the topics Covered in the app are:

    1. Concept of mechanism of heat flow
    2. Conduction
    3. Convection
    4. Radiation
    5. Relationship to the first law of thermodynamics
    6. Conservation of total energy
    7. The surface energy balance
    8. Relationship to the second law of thermodynamics and the efficiency of heat engines
    9. Units and dimensions
    10. Analysis of heat transfer problems: methodology
    11. Introduction to conduction
    12. The conduction rate equation
    13. The thermal properties of matter
    14. The thermal properties of the solid state
    15. The solid state: micro- and nano-scale effects
    16. The fluid state
    17. Other relevant properties
    18. The heat diffusion equation
    19. Cylindrical coordinates
    20. Micro scale effects
    21. Boundary and initial conditions
    22. Steady state one-dimensional heat conduction
    23. Plane wall
    24. Thermal resistance
    25. The composite wall
    26. Contact resistance
    27. Porous media
    28. An alternative conduction analysis
    29. Radial systems in cylinder
    30. Radial system in sphere
    31. Conduction with thermal energy generation
    32. Heat transfer from extended surfaces
    33. A general conduction analysis
    34. Fins of uniform cross-sectional area
    35. Fin performance
    36. Fins of non-uniform cross-sectional area
    37. Efficiency of common fin shapes
    38. Overall surface efficiency
    39. The bio-heat equation
    40. Thermoelectric power generation
    41. Conduction through thin gas layers
    42. Alternative approaches
    43. The conduction shape factor and the dimensionless conduction heat rate
    44. Conduction shape factors and dimensionless conduction heat rates for selected systems
    45. Finite-difference equations
    46. Finite-difference form of the heat equation
    47. The energy balance method
    48. Formulation of the finite-difference equation
    49. Nodal finite-difference equations
    50. Formulation as a matrix equation
    51. Verifying the accuracy of the solution
    52. Transient conduction
    53. The lumped capacitance method
    54. Validity of the lumped capacitance method
    55. General lumped capacitance analysis
    56. Radiation only in transient conduction
    57. Negligible radiation in transient conduction
    58. Convection only with variable convection coefficient
    59. The plane wall with convection (exact solution)
    60. The plane wall with convection (approximate solution)

    Each topic is complete with diagrams, equations and other forms of graphical representations for better learning and quick understanding.

    Intermediate Heat and Mass Transfer is part of Mechanical engineering education courses and technology degree programs of various universities.

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