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    Published: 2015-06-22, by .

    Learn languages by actually speaking them with people from arould the world

    • Excellent idea
    • Fun and great for your learning
    • Effective interface
    • Sending phrases via text

    "Conversations In All Languages"


    Hello Pal: Talk To The World is an innovative and effective social tool for learning and practising your language skills. This application allows you to train your abilities by striking up conversations in any foreign language you want to learn, with people in any part of the world.

    Hello Pal helps you make new friends and learn a language at the same time. How does it work? First of all, you need to register and specify your native language and the one you want to learn. Then, you can easily search for users and begin to talk to them and improve your vocabulary while getting to know interesting people.


    The idea is as fun as it is great for your learning skills. Hello Pal: Talk To The World's interface makes it easy for you to get the hang of it and begin to chat with multiple users at the same time, thanks to the video tutorials and interactive guides.

    As for the settings, we particularly love that you can choose to send both voice and text messages, in case you're not comfortable speaking to strangers. In addition, there seems to be a great community of active users who are available for a great conversation any time you feel like to, so it's highly improbable that you get bored or that no one is there to help you.

    The app includes a great collection of supported languages and the romanized version for a better understanding of the phonetics.


    We noticed that when you want to open a new chat, it doesn't automatically show the users available for your preferred learning language; you actually need to search and filter. We'd prefer if it showed our customized list at first and then we could search for more variety.

    Also, it seems that you can't send the "phrasebook" sentences via text, which would be a much more comfortable option if you can't speak out loud at the moment.

    Anyway, Hello Pal presents an amazing new tool for learning languages and helping other people practise their skills. The translation engine works well enough and it's possible to talk to anyone in whatever language you want. There are no frontiers.

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    Jun 22, 2015


    SPEAK TO THE WORLD. In their own language. In minutes.

    Hello Pal is an app which lets you LEARN LANGUAGES BY CHATTING WITH REAL PEOPLE from all over the world!

    Practice with a native speaker and get coached on your pronunciation and spelling - all for FREE! Hello Pal's built-in phrase books in different languages will help you start a conversation, even with zero knowledge of vocabulary in the language you want to chat in.

    Within a couple of minutes, I was able to chat to people of varying nationalities in languages I had never spoken before, and the tools aiding our conversations honestly made this a breeze.
    Android and Me


    Chat with over 1M+ users and potential friends from around the world
    • Meet and greet your friends using our all-new VIDEO and CALL function!
    30 language phrasebooks designed to help you learn the language and to get you to start communicating via chat
    • Post and share MOMENTS with the world
    • More than 2,000 ready-made phrases and sentences with guide audio to help your pronunciation
    Auto-translate function for custom messages you want to send
    Translate messages which are sent back to you automatically, too
    • Messages sent in real-time
    • Completely FREE of charge with NO ADS!

    Built-in phrasebooks available in English, Spanish, German, French, Hindi, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, Chinese Mandarin and Simplified, Korean, Thai, Dutch, Vietnamese and other languages ​​in the same application.


    The Basics: Finding Pals, Using Phrasebooks
    Translation-Assisted Chatting: Text and Voice Chats

    A neat way to meet new folks from around the world and learn a new language at the same time.
    App Review Central (June 29, 2015) Rating: 4.6/5

    This app is perfect for people that want to explore and learn foreign languages.
    Intellectuapp (May 18th, 2015) App of the week

    A formidable alternative to the existing and well established language apps on the market.
    Givemeapps (May 17th 2015)

    Break the language barrier: chat with people from all over the world and learn languages ​​with Hello Pal. Together, we can bring the world closer together.

    Translate messages in these languages:
    • Arabic
    • English (American)
    • Chinese (Mandarin)
    • Dutch
    • Filipino (Tagalog)
    • French
    • German
    • Hindi
    • Italian
    • Japanese
    • Korean
    • Portuguese (Brazil)
    • Russian
    • Spanish (Spain)
    • Thai
    • Turkish


    Hello Pal's mission is to bring the world closer together by helping eliminate one of the key obstacles to mutual understanding between people· the language barrier. By creating a platform where it is easy to instantly interact with others around the world, and giving them the tools to communicate with each other in a joyful and fun way, we hope to do our part (however small) in fostering understanding and tolerance between all citizens of the world.

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    Hello Pal is a registered trademark or trademark of Hello Pal International Ltd in Hong Kong and other countries.

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