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    Have you ever gotten into a problem and you would need to ask for help?

    With this application you can ask for help without anyone notices you do it.

    All you have to do is repeatedly press the power button and an email will be sent to whoever you want with the information of your position.

    Operation mode:

    - 1. Enter your username and password for a Gmail account. You just need to do it the first time you install the application.

    - 2. Enter the email address that will receive alerts. You just need to do it the first time you install the application.

    - 3. Repeatedly press the power button for 2 or 3 seconds and the e-mail address entered in step two will be alerted with your current position. Whoever receives the alert will see a link to Google Maps with your location, speed and altitude if available.

    -4. Your device vibrates very shortly to confirm you that all worked.

    The application does not have to be active for work! Also will continue working after you've restarted the device. If you want to uninstall app, you can do by traditional methods.

    If you would like any other feature to be added to the application, you can write a comment indicating this.

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