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    After download hide and seek maps for minecraft pe you can play a very famous children's game hide and seek with your friends! Hide and seek maps for mcpe contain not only colorful locations but covers too.Thanks to hide and seek minecraft you can play an exciting and incredibly interesting mini-game! Hide and seek maps for mcpe are created for several players, so it's better to invite friends to play hide and seek together. Players have to decide who will look for and who will hide. Hide and seek maps for minecraft give 40 seconds to hide. Fortunately for hiders, there are a lot of places where you can hide, so it will be easy to hide, and then the game will start!

    Download free minecraft hide and seek, invite your friends and play a famous children's game with them!

    Important information for Users:
    To download content you need connect to the Internet. The app requires a blocklauncher to install these mcpe mods and mcpe maps plus the original game Pocket Edition app, so this addon will work correctly.

    We are not an official game or a subsidiary of Pocket Edition. The name, the brand and assets of Minecraft are the property of product owner. All rights reserved.

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