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    Best FREE fitness app for home workout with no equipment needed

    Key Features of HiFit - 7 Minute Workout with No Equipment Needed
    Workout videos of professional personal trainer;
    Comprehensive workout programs for home workout;
    Detailed tracking diary to form healthy fitness habits;
    Flexible workout time with customized workout reminder;
    Vivid demo video with encouraging background music and coaching voice;
    Social life available with the function “Discover”;
    Share workout results instantly with friends on social media.

    How to Effectively Use HiFit - 7 Minute Workout with No Equipment Needed
    Step One: Open the app and go to the Health Report;
    Step Two: Fill out your weight information in the Report and get Suggested Programs;
    Step Three: Stick to your training programs. In the meantime, you can share your workout results with your friends on social media or make new friends in “Discover” to give encouragement to each other.

    Join us NOW! Quick workout every day to ensure perfect fitness. Workout at home with no equipment needed to get in shape in minutes!

    Workout Programs of HiFit - 7 Minute Workout with No Equipment Needed
    Classic Full Body
    Scientifically verified to help with cardiovascular function improvement and weight loss.
    7*4 Challenge
    Only 7 minutes a day, 7 days a week, 4 weeks, upgrade to a better version of you!
    7 Min Morning Wake Up
    7 minutes in the morning to refresh you for a new day!
    7 Min Before-Sleep Stretch
    Can’t sleep? Spend 7 minutes to stretch your body before sleep. Calm yourself down and get ready for a good rest!
    Leg Workout
    Verified by a 4-week training program: 72.3% of the participants get slimmer legs with an average reduction of 2.24 cm in thigh circumference.
    Butt Workout
    Perfect hip visually stretches the length of your legs. Take just 7 minutes to build your dream hip!
    Abs Workout
    Worldwide popular abs workout program helps you build flat and firm abs in minutes!
    HIIT for Core Training I
    HIIT for Core Training II
    HIIT for Core Training III

    Make HiFit part of your daily life to be a better version of you! 7 minutes every day to ensure fitness and health.

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