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    Play with Android and KitKat! Be fast, show your skills and have fun with different challenges. Download the game and get cool wallpapers for your smartphone or tablet and watch the videos from Android KitKat.

    To take a screenshot, you need to press the volume down button and power button simultaneously. This will save the picture in the ‘Screenshots’ folder which can be accessed by using the ‘My Files App’.

    Highlighting Text
    You can easily select the whole word or sentence in a text now, by double tapping it in any app like Messenger, Whatsapp etc.

    Manage Large Applications
    In case you are running out of memory, you can uninstall the app that occupies maximum space from the application manager.

    Add Photos to Contacts
    To add photo to a contact, select the contact in the Contacts App and press edit in the phone’s menu option. Press the silhouette of the person shown or the addition sign next to it to assign an image from the suggestions available.

    Setting up of Account
    In order to set up new email accounts, go to apps list and click on email icon. A setup wizard will be launched where you can enter email, passwords and account names.

    Camera Zoom
    While using the Camera App, zoom can either be done by pressing the volume buttons or by pinching the fingers on the screen.

    Capture photos while Recording
    You can now capture photos while recording videos by clicking on the screen. Photos clicked will then be saved in the gallery.

    Phone Status
    Phone status can be checked by going to Settings – More – About device – Status. It provides important information like battery usage, battery life, signal strength, etc.

    Lock Screen
    Lock Screen can be customized through lock screen widgets. You can enter your name, phone and email to be displayed on the lock screen.

    Contact Search
    You can easily filter your contact list by two ways. One way is to start typing the name in the Contacts App, second is to use the Google search widget and find the contact you want to dial.

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