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    "The Mystery of Hizen Nagoya Castle" over the Hizen Nagoya Castle Ruins while the riddle, and it is the Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum Nagoya Castle Ruins official guide app. You can a photo taken with adorable characters that while solving issue, the Tour of Jinato and Nagoya Castle Ruins, adorable characters, they appear in the AR, let's do a treasure in and answer the quiz. I get a nice gift in the Nagoya Castle Museum and goal.
    By all means, please try around the ruins of a castle, Nagoya Castle Ruins of Tenkabito of a superb view to download this app, overlooking the Sea of ​​Genkai.

    (It corresponds to the Japanese / English / Chinese Traditional / Simplified Chinese / Korean)

    Nagoya Castle Mystery Hunt
    ― Start at the Nagoya Castle Museum and unravel mysteries about the ruins as you tour them. Adorable characters and quizzes will appear on your screen with the AR feature. A nice treasure You get by solving all the "mystery". In addition, Quiz and Nagoya Castle are also questions, rank goes up by that score. Please challenge with the aim rank "Expert"!

    ― A map of Nagoya Castle Ruins. You can see History Info of each place Castle Ruins, the Surveys & Excavation Info. I can also check the current location with GPS. In the "folding screen view map", I can see better where you are in the location of the Hizen Nagoya Castle figure screen myself now further.

    AR Camera
    ― If you go Nagoya Castle Ruins, Site of Maeda Toshi'ie's Camp, Site of Hori Hideharu's Camp, the figure of Nagoya Castle at the time and adorable characters will appear in AR sight reflected in the camera. You can take a commemorative photo along with the image that emerged.
    ※ There is the thing that the display position of the graphic shifts, depending on the accuracy of GPS.

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    Production : Nagoya Castle Museum
    Application development : Sanwell Co.,Ltd

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