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    Is It Miller Time? Or Is It Time
    To Brew Your Own Brand of Beer?

    Topics Covered:

    *What Is It?
    *Is Brewing Your Own Beer Worth the Time?
    *Running Your Own Home Microbrewery
    *How to Choose Your Home Microbrewery Supplies
    *The Brewing Process
    *Should You Use A Home Microbrewery Kit When Starting Out?
    *Finding A Quality Home Microbrewery Kit
    *Trying Out The Different Microbrew Flavors
    *Cooking With Your Brew
    *Want To Give Your Guy Something Truly Special?

    Is It Miller Time? Or Is It Time
    To Brew Your Own Brand of Beer?

    What Is It?
    The term microbrewery was used in the past to define small commercial beer breweries, however now, the trend has become more of a home operation in which an individual processes their own beer from scratch. The process can be done with minimal supplies bought separately or with a kit that is purchased containing all the necessary supplies. With a little work and a lot of patience, anyone can have their own specially brewed beer flavor.

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