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    "Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food" - Hippocrates
    What to do when you have headache, stomach ache, flu, common cold or other common illness.
    Include CPR Pocket Guide and more healthy functions.
    Free Home Remedies Pocket Book!

    Cure aches and pains naturally!
    A guide to Home Remedies and Natural Cures for Common Ailments/illness.

    Natural home remedies are safe and useful for the common ailments. Most of the non life threatening illness can be treated at home. Learn how you can use natural cures to replace many of the most commonly used over-the-counter drugs in the treatment of common ailments and as cancer prevention. If you use home remedies wisely, it will save your time and money.

    In this application you can find -
    Home Remedies Book, find a cure for each common ailments / illness :
    - Natural teatment - Natural drugs
    - Symptoms
    - Causes
    - Home Remedies
    - Treatment
    - Avois
    - See Doctor

    Healthy nutrition - Healthy foods (information) :
    - Health benefit for fruits, vegetables , nuts and seeds
    - Home remedies
    - Amount
    - Minerals
    - Vitamins

    Emergancy - first aid guide :
    - Symptoms
    - First Aid
    - More info

    CPR Guide:
    - CPR for infants
    - CPR for children an adult
    - First aid for choking

    Vitamins Info:
    - General info
    - Daily amound needed
    - fruit source
    - Vegetable source
    - Nut or grain source
    - Meat or protein source
    - Legume source
    - Synergistic
    - Inhibtors
    - Direct effect on body
    - Symptoms of deficiency
    - Ailments treated

    Minerals info:
    - Calcium
    - Copper
    - Iodine
    - Iron
    - Magnesium
    - Manganese
    - Phoshorus
    - Potassium
    - Selenium
    - Sodium
    - Zinc

    More Features:
    Bood pressure diary (with graph and analysis)
    BMI +BMR calculator - Ideal Body Weight Calculator

    New* Blood Count Analysis Guide (Lymphocytes, Hemoglobin and more)

    This application provides natural "home remedies" and health info for some common ailments and first aid, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice by a physician.


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