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    How To build Brand

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    This course is designed to provide you with a systematic way to:

    • Clearly define the Brand so that it is compelling and credible to your key Target Audiences.

    • Create a Brand Identity that all key internal Constituencies can agree on and work from.

    • Increase the Reputation, Image, perceived Value and Brand Awareness of your Company

    Take this Branding Your Business course and learn how to build a brand for your business.


    • Over 35 lectures and 2 hours of content!
    • Decipher Your Brand Archetype
    • Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors
    • Communicate Your Brand Archetype to all key Stakeholders
    • Establish Trust & Resonance with Your Key Target Audiences
    • Monitor and Assess the Strength of Your Brand Continuously


    ✔ Who are we?
    ✔ What this course is all about
    ✔ What is a Brand? What are Archetypes?
    ✔ Archetypes Explained
    ✔ The Caregiver
    ✔ The Creator
    ✔ The Explorer
    ✔ The Innocent
    ✔ The Jester
    ✔ The Lover
    ✔ The Magician
    ✔ The Outlaw
    ✔ The Regular Guy
    ✔ The Ruler
    ✔ The Sage
    ✔ The Warrior / Hero
    ✔ Discover your Personal Archetype
    ✔ Complete the following survey to discover your Organisational Archetype
    ✔ Employee Survey:
    ✔ Turn Your Employees into Brand Ambassadors
    ✔ Motivational Intelligence - Emotivators
    ✔ Intro to Marketing to your Archetypal clients including the Caregiver Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Creator consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Explorer Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Innocent Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Lover Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Magician Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Jester Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Outlaw Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Regular Guy
    ✔ Marketing to the Ruler Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Sage Consumer
    ✔ Marketing to the Warrior / Hero Consumer
    ✔ Monitor your Organizational Archetype


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    • A community of 1500+ students learning together!
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    "Great lesson. If you've ever taken a creative writing class or have taken a basic psychology course, than you're familiar with Jungian Theory and Archetypes. I loved this course and have already thought of at least 3 different ways to tweek my branding per my brands archetype. Makes sense to me. I highly recommend this course to anyone."
    -(Michelle Griffin) ★★★★★

    "Really great course - thoroughly enjoyed it. The creators are clearly very knowledgeable, but they break the information down into management chunks that are easy to digest. Looking forward to learning more! Thank you!"
    -(Cerries Mooney) ★★★★★

    "Prior to taking this course, I had some understanding about my personal and organizational archetype. However, after the course completion I feel I am in a position deliver a true brand identity. Excellent course!!"
    -(Vishal Sharma) ★★★★★

    Instructed By : Dr Nikolaus Eberl | Herman Schoonbee

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