How To Flirting With Girls

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    How To Flirting With Girls

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    How to Flirt With Girls

    1. Work on building your self-confidence :-

    Girls don't want to be with a guy who can't talk to them. Think of the things you are confident about (playing a sport, an awesome anime collection, your obsession with skateboarding) and talk about that. Displaying confidence is one of the sexiest things a guy can do.

    * Make sure not to overdo it. You don't want to seem like a stuck-up know-it-all. If the teacher tells the class to be quiet shush people but not her and do it quietly or she might not like it!.

    2. Start gradually :-

    If you start flirting up a storm all of a sudden, the girl you are interested in might think you're a fake or have changed personalities for no good reason, which is weird.

    3. Smile :-

    When you see her in the hallways, smile at her;just a quick smile then look away. Say hello and ask how she is. DON'T ignore her!!

    4. Find a way to start up a conversation with her :-

    Ask her about herself. Girls love to talk about themselves ask if you have any thing in common. If she has facebook, chat with her. If she doesn't say something like "there's no good chat on my computer" there is a good chance she likes you.