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    HowMuchTimeLeft Ramadhan Edition is a tool to quickly see on a glance how much time left and useful when fasting Islamic from dawn to sunset (Siyam or Sawm).

    It shows you the time relative to a time span during the day. This can be set either manually or automatically calculated from beginning to end of fasting, which is from Fajr or morning prayer to Maghrib or evening prayer.
    If the time is before the time span, it shows you how much time left until it starts. If it has started, it shows you how much time left and how much time left and how much time passed. If it has ended, it shows you how long since.

    HowMuchTimeLeft Ramadhan Edition does only support daily repeating times of a day, not dates. If you need dates please request this as a feature.

    - See at a glance how much time left / until / since
    - Multiple timers
    - Notifications: When timer starts and ends, while started, always or never
    - Calculate Fajr and Maghrib for your (or any other) location
    - Supports multiple prayer times calculation methods
    - Can handle alternative calculation for countries where Fajr cannot be calculated in summer, for example the U.K. Multiple alternatives to support the way your community
    - Preview times for months, so you can easily compare to your local prayer schedule (Emsakeyeh)

    How to use:
    - To set a manual timer: Just set the start and end time.
    - To set a calculated timer for daily Athan (Adhan) times: Add a timer, enter it's options and set "Use Fajr and Maghrib". Then in "Athan Adjustment" enter your location and the calculation method that is used in your country.

    I use it for myself because i live in a non-Islamic country and am the only one at work fasting in Ramadan (Ramazan). I set a manual timer for my work hours and have the time until break fast calculated. I hope you find it as useful.

    Disclaimer: Please do not break your fasting by the time calculated from the app. A multitude of options are given to adjust the prayer time to match your local prayer time table. Usually you can obtain a prayer time table from your local mosque, if you live a non-Islamic country. Please adjust the timers of this app accordingly. I just use formulas to calculate the sun's position and from reading of the topic of calculating prayer times. I cannot guarantee the calculated times are 100% correct.

    Internet: This app displays advertisement and uses Google Analytics to anonymously track usage. You can turn this off from the options.
    Location: To calculate the prayer times for your current location, the device GPS can be used.
    Power state: You can enable keeping the screen on in the options, in case you need a count down until a timer ends and do not want the screen to turn off.
    Vibration: For notifications when timers start and end.
    Boot receiver: To continue notifications after the device is restarted.

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