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    In-App Purcahse (IAP) is a feature that allows users to purchase digital content without the need to exit or leave the application. Digital content that can be purchased for example, is opening a new level in the game, try and buy the system on an application, or virtual money to buy virtual goods in the application, do the subscription, and so forth. An example implementation is to imagine an application like Tamagochi, we can buy special supplements for our pets directly from the application that will be deducted from the credit we (only Nokia) or our credit card.

    How exactly IAP system is running? Since I've only been studying this feature of Nokia, so I will explain Nokia's IAP system. Maybe on other platforms will not be too different. At Nokia, to create applications that take advantage of the IAP, we can choose to build with DRM or the use of access control itself. Using DRM means we submit the application is preloaded with content that can be purchased and then encrypted. When a consumer makes a purchase through IAP, Ovi Store will automatically detect what items are purchased, transactions, and sends the key to mengunlock content. But if we use the access control itself, then we alone are responsible for the delivery of new content. Nokia will only make transactions, send proof of payment to us, and we will be responsible for ensuring that the content is up to the user.

    DRM is suitable for applications such as games whereas static content access control for applications requiring personal subscription like a magazine subscription. In DRM, if for some reason the application is deleted from the HP user, then when the user installs the application, which had been bought konten2 will be returned back to the user by the Nokia Store automatically. As for personal access control, the server we should note what content has been owned and restoration to the owner of that content.

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