Ignition Seven




    Ignition Seven is a simple idea: seven initial videos and ongoing resources that walk with you through seven days—possibly your first seven days—of following God and beyond. . . . And after those first seven days, the IG7 Team is here to keep equipping you to run this race for life. The theme of Ignition Seven centers around the idea of free running, or parkour. Whether you are new to this whole Jesus thing or you have been at it for a while, Ignition Seven is for you.


    · Seven incredible high definition IG7 Videos featuring Reggie Dabbs, John Driver, Jonnie W., the free running of Dylan Bumbalough, and the music of Skyhook

    · Daily LUP readings that teach you how to read the Bible and remind you what to read each day

    · Dozens of Spark Videos— short videos shot with a live audience asking real questions about real life. Spark Videos cover everything from suicide to dating to evolution. You can even submit your own question.

    · Facebook and Twitter interface to connect and share with other free runners of faith

    · Instant access to people and resources if you are in trouble and need help right away