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    Would you like to replace the contact breaker based ignition system (“points”) on your engine with something that is much more reliable and maintenance free? And be able to get the most out of your engine at the same time?

    Or do you have an electronic ignition already but would like to be able to squeeze that little bit of extra power from your engine that is there, but not available with your current ignition?

    You came to the right place! This is the IgnitionMaster, a combination of CDI firmware and ignition control software allowing you to create your own CDI system with a fully programmable advance curve.

    The IgnitionMonitor is a limited, read-only, version of the IgnitionMaster app for Android devices. It will allow you to real-time monitor your engine's RPMs and actual ignition curve wireless via BlueTooth.
    The full version has additional functionality to create and modify advance curves and other settings.

    Note: this app will only work in conjunction with our CDI module and firmware.

    Check out our website for more information.