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    Image Emboss is a tool for personalization of the images by stamping them with any kind of watermark and copyright stamps and text. This tool supports image resizing, stamp position, size, transparency, text font and colour adjustments.

    Layout. The main screen allows separate load of multiple images to be stamped and stamping facilities (Stamper image, Date & Time, Text). By pressing the corresponding “Gallery 1” button, user redirected to the custom file/directory browser (that ensures multiple images loading irrespectively to android version) and further to image gallery. Additionally, single image can be obtained in situ by taking photo with camera. “Gallery 2” button is further extending image loading options, providing a way for third party apps to load images. Stamper chooser menu button allows loading preliminary prepared Stamp image or select Date & Time stamping options or any custom text. If no stamping method has been chosen then application will only resize images. When all files loaded the “Next” button on the main screen redirects to the stamping settings page, where the output image resolution (original or resized), Stamper position, Stamper relative size, transparency and various custom text options can be adjusted.

    Application features.

    •Application provides means for image resizing, stamp position, relative size, transparency, font and color adjustments.

    •User can choose what side (long or short) of the image to adjust to the selected resolution value.

    •In order to preserve original image size, the corresponding input cell should be left empty.

    •Application exports stamped images to the “Image Emboss” directory on local SD drive.

    •Application is stamping images with preliminary prepared image file or with any custom text that may also be automatically generated date & time text. The custom text format, font and colour can be changed in settings.

    •Application supports the following image formats: jpeg, bmp, png.

    •After the first successful stamping, new button appears on the main screen: “Load Stamped” that loads the most recently stamped files for additional stamping.

    •Application supports adaptive colour chooser for date and text imprints and blurring of background to improve stamp visibility.

    •Application rotates images automatically in accordance to the rotation info in EXIF (if exists).

    •Three round buttons in settings allows storing three settings parameters respectively. Long press on any of the buttons saves the current settings and short click loads the stored parameters.

    •The application can stamp the images with actual date of creating image - EXIF Date&Time (if exists) or with current Date&Time according to the chosen format.

    •Application tested for stability by conversion of images up to 36 Mpx and on devices with 512 Mb RAM.

    •The output image format is jpeg.

    •The application supports up scaling of the Stamper files, but doesn’t support up scaling of images for the quality reason.

    •Stamp size is defined as a per cent of stamp height out of the final image short side.

    •Too low output image resolution will degrade the text stamp quality.

    •After stamping images can be viewed with third party image viewer. Android default image viewer can show only single image, but other viewers, like ES Image Browser allows preview of all stamped images.

    •User may decide if the images with resolution lower than asked should be skipped or stamped anyway. The far right button in the Image Size row allows defining the behavior.

    •If the option to stamp the images using EXIF Date&Time info is chosen, the files will be processed only if this info exists (attached to the file by camera and not erased later).

    •Usually, EXIF Date&Time can be also reformatted to the desired format, but sometimes, when original EXIF format is not standard, then images will be stamped only with original one.

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