IMSGo is designed for clinics that are using IMS EHR software.

    IMSGo allows you to view patient records wherever you are and whenever needed, even without having to log into IMS. Through IMSGo, you can access the following:

    * Televisit: Televisit with patients.

    * Fingerprint: One touch login with Fingerprint

    * eRx: You can now send Prescription electronically from IMSGo. You can also track the eRX from the device. View formulary & Medication History details while prescribing the medication.

    * IMSWear: By connecting your smartwatch with IMSGo, you can also see your weekly schedule and your waiting patients from your smartwatch.

    * Reminders: View patient's alert while scheduling the appointment, Check-in the patient and take actions on them.

    * Find slots: Find the available slots for the appointment schedule.

    * Visit Note Document: View patient's visit note documents. Also, view the past visit notes of a patient directly from the CICO.

    * Appointment Details: View, add, edit, move and cancel patient appointments.

    * Patient face sheet: View patient contact information, allergies, ICDs, prescriptions, vitals, documents and insurance details.

    * Rounds: When you are on rounds you can filter or search patient by facility or hospital and dictate notes as well as add super bill.

    * My Task: View/Filter documents, fax, notes, reminders and labs for the providers, Also perform actions on it.

    * Check-in/out: Check-in/out any scheduled patients, dictate visit notes, record patient vitals, change visit status, assign rooms, view patient details, record and upload transcriptions, perform filter on scheduled patients, enter check-in notes, create super bill.

    * Lab results: View patient lab results and review them on the go.

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