Here We have created a new and perfect app only for you. "V Reader" specially created for reading pdf and comic books with full screen, book page preview and fast bookmarks preview with just a click away.


    1. File Choosing & Importing Queue:
    - User can import single book from choosing file chooser icon.
    - Importing book name, size, loading is shown below in the same page. User can close the importing process.
    - You can also add extra books to the importing queue.
    - After importing book will be kept in the shelf or list for the user to read.
    - User can simultaneously read any imported books.

    2. Book Options:
    - User can delete, unread, read, rename book in these sections.

    3. Menu Options:
    - User can select all books / Arrange books in alphabetic order.
    - User can choose themes from settings for book shelf and list.
    - User can maintain zoom level in both pdf and comic books.
    - On each page in book zoom level is maintained throughout the app.

    4. Book Preview & Full Screen:
    - User can go to this page by click on book in bookshelf or book list pages.
    - User can click page to full screen preview , click again to go to page preview.
    - User can bookmark page using bookmark icon and bookmark preview will be updated and will show your bookmarks.
    - User can click on this bookmark to go that page.
    - User can scroll to specific page / can use seek bar to go to a specified page.

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