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    IneTracker is a GPS tracker application for Android devices. It records your path, speed, distance while you are on the move. You can track the current position real-time on or with our IneTrack Mobile app.
    IneTracker also provides real-time location sharing. The current position can be easily shared with others, such as friends, family or business partners.

    How it use:
    • Create your IneTrack account, check your inbox and confirm your e-mail address
    • Login to the application with your IneTrack account
    • Enjoy 3 months of free IneTrack premium service
    • Start or stop the tracking service anytime you want
    • You can track the current position real-time on or with our IneTrack Mobile app
    • You may invite your friends and extend your 3 months of free premium subscription

    Application may be useful for:
    Friends & Family
    • Follow each other in real-time
    • Track phones online in real time (recover lost phones)
    • Increase personal safety
    • Send SOS alerts
    • Receive notifications when the tracked device enters or leaves area (geofence)

    • Track your vehicles, reduce costs and save time
    • Keep a database of partners and locations you visit
    • Embed your position into your website or blog
    • Provide a real-time tracking service for your customers (useful for delivery services)
    • Driver identification

    Sport and outdoor activities
    • Record path while running, hiking, biking, etc.

    Pet tracking
    • Use a simple Android device to know where your pet is

    Application features:
    • Smart location gathering algorithms
    • Positioning by GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular network
    • Ability to change tracking accuracy
    • Gather positons offline and auto-sync them later
    • Automatic indoor detection with sleep mode
    • Send alerts and other events from your current position
    • Automatically start tracking when the phone is turned on
    • Power saving mode
    • Monitor battery drain
    • Continuously run in the background

    IneTrack platform features:
    • Real-time tracking - 24/7 monitoring
    • Unlimited data storage
    • Public API to extend functionality
    • Journal generation - informative automated reports
    • Interactive charts and diagrams
    • Historical routes and trip reports
    • Custom alerts - configure and manage your notifications
    • POI - mark your business partners on the map
    • Geofence - notifications on entering or leaving POIs
    • Location sharing - real time and embedded positioning sharing
    • Data export - Supported formats are: XLS, PDF, CSV
    • User rights and access management
    • Built-in reminders - manage vechicle related administrative tasks (useful for recurring expiration dates)
    • Driver identification - Query route reports by drivers

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