Custom Weather Alerts




    Set the weather alerts that matter to you just when you want:

    • Wind alert.
    • Rain alert.
    • Storm alert.
    • Cloudiness, fog and temperature alert.


    • Very accurate.
    • Weather forecast is served by, that uses data from NOAA model.
    • World weather.
    • Europe weather.
    • Local weather.
    Custom Weather Alerts is also a beautiful and handy weather app, with customizable icons and backgrounds.
    • Widget with the current weather from your current location.
    • The most accurate current and future weather reports.
    • Notifications with two sounds: loop alarm sound or simple notification sound.
    • Pick up your location manually or let the GPS find your location.
    • Lightweight app.
    • Gets the name of the weather station.
    • Current weather data for more than 200,000 cities.
    • Current weather meteorology for any location (lat/lon).
    • Humidity, pressure, sunset and sunrise.

    Type of alarms or warnings:

    • Rain. (More than a desired quantity in mm)
    • Temperature. (More than or less than certain degrees)
    • Wind. (More than a desired speed)
    • Fog / Mist / Haze
    • Snow.
    • Clouds / Cloudiness. (More than or less than a certain percentage)
    • Thunderstorm.

    Follow these steps to get started

    • Pick up a location or let the GPS do it for you.
    • Specify the weather conditions that matter to you.
    • Set the days and hours for the weather conditions you want to keep track of.
    • Set the hour when the forecast is going to be checked​ everyday.
    • Select the type of sound: loop alarm mode or simple notification sound.

    Define the weather conditions that matter to you and be always prepared. Weather plays a large part in our lives:

    • Windsurf or surf. Will it be windy enough?
    • A day at the beach. Will it be hot and sunny?
    • Will it rain? Should I hang the clothes out to dry?
    • If it rains or snows, I'll wake up sooner to go to work.
    • Soaring in aircraft.

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