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    Internet Speed Booster

    The App are not directly played on the list, you are directed to the android market when clicking on
    'install' button.

    This app is unofficial app of any brand.

    50 in 1 Internet Speed Booster App for free! Do you want to use faster internet and get faster downloads?

    Do you need LTE speed and want to boost your internet connection speed?

    Everyone want! We can give you tool which will work as placebo.
    You should think that it really increase connection speed and give you better pings.You can show "Internet Speed Booster" to your friends and make a joke! Tell them that you have real hacker's tool and you can really speed up internet. They will think that you have real internet booster! But in fact is will be only placebo app! It shows fake diagram. It shows internet speed (upload and download).

    Are you frustrated with your slow internet speed?
    Customer care is not helping much instead of wasting time on phone calls? Then this application is the solution for you. You can optimize the speed of your phone internet by pressing a single button and within minutes you will see the difference.

    What the Internet Speed Booster does is clean out the clogging that has gathered in your internet connection, refreshes your connection to your service provider, optimizes threading so that there is less interference between you and your data provider, clears out DNS caches, and more. The Internet Speed Booster goes through a list of 20+ processes to get your internet connection speed increased.
    In summary :* Acceleration overall internet speed on your mobile* Higher speed when surfing the internet* Faster file downloads
    The functions performed are:* Delete Cache Memory* Emptying trash* Cleaning the registry* Disk Defragmentation

    WARNING: This accelerator can not accelerate speed in all phones , but we have noticed an overall performance growth in most of the phones.

    Disclaimer: This application cleans your cache memory and in return your Mobile OS runs faster.

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