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    if your are looking for Interview preparation app then this app is right for you, interview coaching app will guide you to all the interview question in java, sql, mongodb, data structures, android, Hr Interview question, Puzzle Interview question, Group Discussion.

    For Freshers:
    Interview Coaching app will provide you with industry level interview question and help you in Clearing interview question.

    For Experience:
    Interview Coaching app will provide you Experience level interview question and also provide other skillset interview question which should be good to have

    Key features of the Interview by app:
    1) No Internet Connection - Complete offline app interview question.
    2) 300+ interview question on java, sql, android, hr interview questions, data structures, puzzle, logical reasoning, group discussion.
    3) Last minute revision - especially when you are waiting for interviewer
    4) Read Job Interview Questions during travelling in bus, car, rickshaw
    5) Best app for college students and fresher for the College Placement rounds
    6) Daily interview tips for job interview questions
    7) Salary Calculator - to help to negotiate your salary
    8) Group discussion with various topics
    9) Puzzle Interview Question
    10) Logical Reasoning question

    What will you get from the Interview by app:
    1) JAVA - Core Java Interview Questions covers topics on JAVA Basics, JDBC, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Inner Class, Strings, Class Loader, JAVA Threads, Classes & objects, Package, Exception, Inheritance & Abstract Class and collection.
    2) ANDROID - No 1 Mobile OS and lots of developer have started giving interview, Interview Question Covers various Topics for Android Basics, Activity, Services, Layout, Performance, Fragment, Intent, Broadcast Receiver, Android Pay, Android Wear and volley.
    3) MONGODB - Best NoSQL database use in big data profile and lots of new startup, interview question and answer cover various topics of MongoDB Basics, Sharding, Replica Set.
    4) SQL - Interview Question for SQL Basics, SQL Commands, Indexing, MySQL Admin, SQL query.
    5) HR Interview Question - Question ask by HR at the time of negotiation skills and at the time of offer letter.
    6) Data Structure Interview Questions - Company do take this round to hire person who is talented in algorithm.
    7) Group Discussion Topics - lots of company take GD round to hire people who are good in communication skills.
    8) Java Design Pattern interview questions - Interview questions on Java design patterns
    9) Puzzle Contains Puzzle interview question
    10) Telephonic Interview Question Contains Telephonic Interview Question
    11) Completely Offline
    12) New Chat Feature

    This is best interview guide you can have during your college placement rounds and off campus interview and you will be able help in how to answer job interview questions

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