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    Intolerance Food Diary is a simple way for you to record, monitor and isolate your food intolerances, food sensitivities, and food allergies.

    ***This app is no longer in active development. It is offered "as is", and most likely no further updates will be released.***

    The heart of the app is a diary in which you can record all the individual food items that you eat for each meal of the day. In addition you can also record any symptoms you experience which may be caused by some of these food items. The exact time and date is recorded for each entry, to build up a comprehensive picture of your diet and symptoms on an hour by hour, day by day basis. Any other information you wish to record can be entered as "Notes" in to the diary.

    Entering the information is easy because the Intolerance Food Diary remembers every food item, symptom, or note that you enter into the diary, so the next time you come to type in that same information it appears ready to select in a drop down list. This makes filling in the diary much quicker and more reliable.

    Once you have recorded a useful amount of data on your food consumption and symptoms, the app is able to perform a statistical analysis on this information and then give an indication of which food items might be the most likely cause of a specific symptom you are experiencing (the app disregards any notes you have entered). In addition you can look for foods which, after consumption, may have either a short or a long "incubation period" before causing a noticeable symptom. This can be done by adjusting a simple slider to influence how the statistical analysis looks at the data. It should be noted that the information provided in this app does not constitute medical advice. You should always consult with a medical professional before embarking on any course of action which may affect your health.

    The app also allows you to create reports from the data in your food and symptom diary. You can select entries between any two dates, and export the data to a PDF report document or a CSV data file (for use in a spreadsheet). The information can then be emailed to either yourself or the medical professional who is monitoring your diet.

    Paying a small fee to upgrade to the premium version of the app removes all the banner adverts, and allows you access to the "Backup/Restore Diary" feature. This allows you to backup your entire diary database to a single file, move that file to a new device, and then restore the diary in full to that new device. You can also do the same with your Food Dictionary database which is built up from all the foods you enter into the app. This allows you to carry on using Intolerance Food Diary with a new device.

    This app needs certain permissions in order to work correctly.
    -- In App Purchases : This is needed to allow users to upgrade to the premium version of the app. However the free version of the app is still fully functional. The only feature non-premium users will not have access to, is the backup/restore diary function - and this feature is only required if you wish to move your diary to a new device.
    -- Photos/Media/Files : Don't worry, the app does not go near any media or files already on your device. The app needs this permission in order to create PDF and CSV reports of your food diary, and to save them on your device in a specific "IntoleranceFoodDiary" folder. The app then needs to be able to read these report files so you can attach them to an email. It also needs file system access for the backup/restore feature which saves the whole diary database to a single file located in the same specific folder.
    -- Network Access : The app needs network access to load the banner adverts which are displayed in the non-premium version of the app. No other data is received or transmitted by the app other than that required for the banner adverts.

    All data entered into this app is stored locally on your device. It is only accessible by you.

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