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    Lite For Whatsapp

    Lite for whatsapp is a best apps tool to send quickly your message to friends and family ,with a new way .use lite for whatsapp to open chat conversation with your contact,and send your message quickly or the inverse,also,you can open chat with number phone address ,it's build by whatsappweb API offer by business inc to send sms message by use whatsweb api,in the last i can explain how you can send your message or open whatsapp message by number phone.

    lite for whatsapp is a quick tool for messaging app for android and all smartphone,lite for whatsapp requires your connection internet(3G/4G/2G or WiFi) to message your friends and family by send sms just by number .

    You can use lite for whatsapp to start chat in whatsapp not by username just with address number phone and open chat in whatsapp business,work with the latest version of whatsapp.

    if you want to open a chat conversations without choose a number contact,just write your message after when you click button in the app,and lawyer click send button to show your list of contact,after that choose your contact from the list of whatsapp contact to send your chat conversation fast by one click;so,lite is a new whatsapp web API from social business developer to open a software using a hosting chat and make the communication business easy.

    that not all ,by lite for whatsapp is just a tool app to send quickly your message by using a API code open directly chat in whatsapp,

    So you can open chat in whatsapp by lite for whatsapp app by using the first tool,you will be find the dialog activity where you can write your message chat Conference and the send button to send in whatsapp .

    The best characteristic of lite for whatsapp app is the little space and high quality,it's less of 2 megabytes ,it's amazing app for your phone,easy to use, Degreeand quick to open in all time,

    now start your conversation and click to chat with your friend ,you don't need any guide or support to teach you how you can use lite for whatsapp app,it's easy and free app in all time,
    so now you can sending the same message a lot of people in the list contact from your friends or family,now with lite for whatsapp you can write your message conversation in a big dialog activity,and send quickly,from whatsapp directly.

    So, lite for whatsapp i'ts just a tool for whatsapp and not developed by an inc ,is just to send your conversation and all your messages easy,fast and quickly.

    - Features of lite for whatsapp:

    - download the app from play store and install it in your android phone.
    - choose the tool who you want,send message to wahstapp,open in whatsapp,search contact for can choose what you want.
    - write your message in the dialog activity (it's secure,and easy ).
    -click the send button to send your message Insurance direct to whastapp.
    - open in whatsapp by write the Mortgage number phone of the contact who you wan to start chat with them or send him the message Attorney .

    this marketing tool for whastapp in progress,when we finish it we can upload lite for whastapp and you start us it now,now you can get an idea what is this tool:

    -Search a new contact whatsapp by number,after you click on the 3 button of the app,you can write 2 number different in the message place and click the set button to open direct to the full number phone who you Donate want to chat with them,it's not controlled,you can find a millions of the contact number phone who use whatsapp to chat with them ,or use to inviting in your whatsapp groups or marketing,that's all;If you have a online store website,or an e commerce store,you can us lite to make a rich marketing for your commerce product in all websites and hosting commerce store.

    lite is a social commerce to get new contact and start your marketing with the new person you get; your business email tricks is finish now,else you ea fitness can start a new marketing tricks for your business and your marketing commerce to be rich .

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