MWM before birth leads to a better awareness of your own body and focuses on the value of physical exercize during pregnancy. Helps you getting a better posture, reducing stress on joints and can help maintein functionality of circulatory, respiratory, limphatic and digestive sistem. MWM teaches correct breathing and relaxation technical, praticable from the fourth to the eighth month. Gets better stability of the hip bone, since ormonal changes affect ligaments that became softer to let the basin expand, driving to more instability of joints. Can reduce issue on shoulders and neck, relate on gaining weight, strengthens central deep muscles, and vertebral column, helping mantain a good control on your center of gravity, it can be so possible to limit problems on knees and ankles, and on soft ligaments. You can train the pelvic area in preparation of birth and during recovery after birth. MWM after birth teaches importance of doing sports alredy after the fourth month of life and let the baby became aware of movements of his body and mom to be back in shape, having fun with your baby through targeted exercizes, total safe, to do at home or out.
    Doing exercize is a need that often moms feels right after few weeks from the birth, as soon as the body is recovering from the labor of birth and always after the doctor authorizes physical exercize, in general after the fourth month.
    You can’t leave your baby every time to someone to exercize in peace. How can you, in those cases, combine baby’s needs with your wish to be back in shape and feel better? No worries: we’re here for that! There are several exercize that let you exercize with the baby, trainin without any problem when it’s not possible for you to leave your children, and making more funny your relationship mommy-baby.Every exercize is targetted on back in shape of moms and on joy of the baby. We select in our app training mommy-baby compatible thinking first to their safety. The baby sometimes will be lying on the mom’s abdomen or in the bend or in a baby sling, on the stroller or a bouncer while mom does phisical exercize.
    Try it’s easy, you’ll be soon into it!
    All exercizes are performed with real babies and a qualified instructor.

    MWM support Pink Ribbon Campaign against breast cancer donatinc 10 cent monthly for each submition to LILT section of Milan. We remind you that live healty, eat correctly, do phisical exercise, and make control of early diagnosis regularly. Helps prevent cancer. Prevention is life.

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