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    Video Instructions are available at the website:
    iTarget Pro is designed to work with the iTarget firearm training system available from
    iTarget uses a laser bullet and the iTarget sled to allow you to practice shooting in a safe and effective way.

    iTarget Pro allows you to use your cell phone to detect hits from the iTarget laser bullet, showing you exactly where your virtual shots hit the target.

    To use the app, you must first agree to the safety precautions.
    Read and follow these precautions for your safety and those around you.

    Adjust the sled so that the image of the target fills the screen of the phone.
    Better results may be achieved by moving the target further away and using
    the zoom. Do not allow the camera to see off the edge of the target.

    Use two fingers to scale the red scoring overlay and drag it over the image
    of the target. If your scoring is off, this is where the adjustment is made.

    If the target image is not circular, you may need to toggle through the different aspect choices to get a circular target image.

    Go to settings to adjust the sensitivity. Different lighting conditions require different sensitivity adjustments.
    Adjust the sensitivity until the target area is black. Test with the laser to see how the app responds.

    Pressing thumbs up will start the practice session. If the app registers false hits, lower the sensitivity and
    make sure the camera is not seeing off the target. If the app doesn’t register the hits, raise the sensitivity.
    Changing the lighting conditions in the practice area may require a change in the sensitivity adjustment.
    When done practicing, you can save the target image by pressing thumbs up and the download button.

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