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    More than 3 billion passengers fly annually on the world’s scheduled airlines: aircraft-cabin accommodations can range from luxurious private suites and lounges to closely packed commodity-style seat rows. In addition to the main text and 4,000+ all-colour images, Jetliner Cabins: Evolution & Innovation includes Hyperlinks to 400+ featured organizations, Comments from 50+ international Specialists, new Case Studies, Guest Essays, a selected Bibliography and a detailed Index.

    This beautifully designed and meticulously researched E-Book App brings together in a single volume the many different elements that combine to create a satisfying environment for airline passengers worldwide – designs, functions, materials, construction, safety-certification requirements, ongoing maintenance, technical standards, style trends and treatments – and the ever-escalating challenge of ensuring passenger well-being.

    Jetliner Cabins: Evolution & Innovation will interest innumerable Readers – from airlines, airframe manufacturers and designers to travel agents, marketers and vendors; from airport managers, caterers and suppliers to engineers, analysts and architects – and not least, the millions of paying passengers who travel each day in these special and typically modern surroundings.

    What the experts have said about Jetliner Cabins……

    “The first and only comprehensive survey of commercial aircraft design from the ’70s to the new Millennium – now updated with better photos, more color pages and new images of the Airbus 380.”
    - Air Transport World

    “In a world where jet travel has become so much more a commodity than an experience, this serves as a reminder of the way things used to be, as well as what they still can be. For anyone interested in airline engineering, design, branding, from lighting choices to even the color of airline seats, this is a definite upgrade.”
    - CBS News Travel Editor, Peter Greenberg

    “A terrific and unique book, beautifully illustrated and written with great knowledge and understanding of airline branding and aircraft interior design. An essential resource.”
    - Airguide for the Frequent Flyer and AirguideOnline

    With this sleek and intuitive App, you can:

    •rapidly navigate the book’s four sections: Product Branding, Passenger Experience, Cabin Maintenance and Marketing Challenge.
    •explore First, Business and Economy Class.
    •click to visit Picture Galleries: 4000+ all-colour images.
    •link to the websites of 400+ organizations mentioned in the text.
    •research keywords and the Index; select your preferred topics.
    •read significantly more content than in earlier Editions, including ‘green’ cabin innovations.
    •access Comments from 50+ international Specialists, as well as new Case Studies and Guest Essays.
    •view passenger accommodations featured on the latest new-generation aircraft.
    •flip your device to view one or two pages or at a time.
    •zoom in and out for a better view.