Just! Flashlight!




    Just! Flashlight!

    It is really simple, basic but powerful flashlight.
    Frankly speaking, too much function apps are heavy, and they make you obsessed for all functions that are actually not necessary. Learning those functions are also complicated.

    Just! Flashlight! has only 3 functions.
    Normal flashlight!. Very bright!
    Screen flashlight for those who do not have flashlight on their devices. It's not very nice but good enough if your device is old one.
    Last function is strobe flashlight! You can make blinking light pattern by adjusting the turn-on duration and turn-off duration. You can make night club stage lighting. It can be used for sending signals as well. : -)

    User Interface is very intuitive. You don't need to learn.

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    ** I promise that there is no private info steal **

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