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    New: Generate 23 pages, A4 size, printable PDF natal horoscope
    Print natal horoscope in Concise single page format
    (app is designed for astrologers, hence no predictions)

    Kundli from JyotishMarga is an app built for professional vedic astrologer/researcher with accurate and elaborate calculations. Mobile optimized Kundli calculates Shadbala, Bava Bala, Ashtakavarga, 12 types of Dasha, Vimshopaka, Vaiseshikamsha, Prashna Ganita, Ashtamangala Sputas, Special Lagnas and Sputas, etc., quickly and precisely as per hindu astrology. Since the interface in Kundli is specially built for mobile space, you can easily navigate through the information you need. You can interact with the app in Kannada, English, Hindi or Telugu by changing interface language. This app can adapt itself to your needs with several settings like South, North and East Indian chart styles, 4 types of house systems, Parashara or Mantreshwara mode for Upagraha calculations, 6 types of Ayanamsha, Divisional charts (varga chakra) with variations and lot more. With interactive charts and tables you can spend more time on analyzing the chart than locating details you need.

    Key Features:
    * Works offline, Internet not required
    * Intuitive interface specially designed for mobile devices
    * 4 languages in a single app
    * Bala (Strength) calculations - Shadbala, Bhavabala, Bhava Drikbala, Bhava Shashtyamsha, Vimshopaka, Vaisheshikamsha, Rasmi Ganita
    * Ashtakavarga with Shodhana - Sarva, Bhinna, Trikona and Ekadhipathya Shodhana, Pinda Shodhana
    * 18 Dasha types for Birth Horoscope upto 3 levels - Vimshottari Dasa, Ashtottari Dasha, Yogini Dasa, Kalachakra, and more
    * Jaimini: Calculation of Chara Karaka (Parashara, K N Rao, Iranganti Rangacharya), Jaimini Aruda (Parashara and B V Raman), Narayana Dasa, Sudasa, Lagna Kendradi Rasi Dasa
    * 23 types of divisional charts with support for following variations in addition to Parashara charts
    - Hora - Parivritti, Somanath, Samasaptaka, Ayana, Kashinath, Mihira
    - Drekkana - Jagannath, Parivritti, Somanath, Mihira-Yavana
    - Chaturtamsha - Parivritti
    - Panchamsha - Parivritti
    - Navamsha - Krishna Mishra
    - Dashamsha - Parashara with Even Sign Reversal, Parivritti
    - Trimshamsha - Parivritti, like Shashtiamsha
    - Shashtiamsha - Parashara from Sign, Parashara from Aries, Parivritti from Sign, Parivritti from Aries
    * Detailed Panchanga for the Date/Time
    * Ephemeris with accurate sidereal planetary longitudes (Sputa) calculation with motion (direct or retrograde) details.
    * Special Lagna and Sputa calculations - Bhava Lagna, Ghati Lagna, Vighati Lagna, Udaya Lagna, Shree Lagna, Pranapada Lagna, Yoga Sputa, Avayoga Sputa
    * Avakahada chakra
    * Prashna - Dhoomaadi, Trisputa, Pancha Sputa, Prana Sputa, Trisupta Dasha, etc.,
    * Ashtamangala calculations - Prashna Sankhya Ganita, Ashtamangala Sputas (Longitudes) as per Prashna Marga, Evaluation of Prashna time as per Prashna Marga, Special Sutras and Phalas, Dhoomaadi, Trisputaadi, Trisupta Dasha, etc.,
    * Chandra Kriya, Chandra Avasta, Chandra Vela calculations for Ashtamangala
    * Detailed Nitya Panchanga for a given day with ending times for Tithi, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana with Muhurta, Kaala, Hora start and ending times
    * Support for 300 years, from 1800 to 2100 (Note: requires Pro upgrade)
    * Two types of Cheshtabala evaluation for Shadbala - Parashara (Sun=Ayana Bala, Moon=Paksha Bala) and No Cheshtabala for Sun and Moon
    * Largest city database

    You can calculate and generate PDF horoscopes (referred as Jaataka or Jataka in Kannada, Jatakam or Jaatakam in Telugu and Tamil).

    Note to free users:
    You can freely calculate detailed panchang for any day between 1800 to 2100 (300 years).

    In order to enable you to evaluate/verify calculations used in JyotishMarga Kundali, you are allowed to calculate Horoscope, Prashna and Ashtamangala for the year 2013. You can lift this restriction by upgrading to Pro once you are satisfied with the calculation.

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